Dr Jacqui Chirgwin

Shortly after moving to the Newcastle region, Dr Chirgwin commenced practice as an Assistant Surgeon in the fields of Vascular Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Upper Limb and Hand Surgery, General Orthopaedics and General Surgery. She has been treating venous disorders since 1992. 

Dr Chirgwin became a member of the Sclerotherapy Society of Australia at its inception, and is now a Fellow of the Australasian College of Phlebology and a Full member of the ANZ Society of Phlebology. She was invited to join the Executive Board of the Australasian College of Phlebology in 2005, a position she held for the next 6 years.

 Reception Staff

When you arrive at the Vein & Laser Centre (VLC), you will be greeted by one of our friendly reception staff. From your first introduction to them over the phone, most patients are pleased to find them extremely knowledgeable and helpful regarding the consultations and procedures offered at the clinic.

Maddi Tyler

Our receptionist Madeline has worked for the VLC since its inception at The Junction site 10 years ago. Maddie has been involved with people all of her working career and enjoys her association with patients. She is your first point of contact with the VLC and will ensure your visit will be a pleasant experience.

Alison Jansson

Alison is an experienced medical professional who has been working in the hospitals and medical centres for over 30 years.  Originally a registered nurse she has worked in a number of public hospitals across Australia and understands the concerns of patients. She has also run her own business and knows the importance of good customer service.
Alison works to make your every experience at the Vein and Laser Centre a positive one and looks forward to welcoming you at the centre.

Nursing Staff

Our experienced nursing staff have been part of the Vein & Laser Centre for many years. In addition to working at the clinic, they are also employed in a variety of other nursing environments including hospital recovery wards, general practice environments and the regional after hours doctor’s service. This means they bring a wealth of experience to the clinic from other areas of medicine. 

Edwina Forrest

Edwina is a Registered Nurse with many years of medical and surgical nursing experience in the public hospital sector.

She provides assistance to Dr Chirgwin during the medical procedures provided at the Vein & Laser Centre and is also skilled in the management of compression stockings. She contributes a friendly and caring manner to the team environment at the VLC.

Victoria Hamilton-Russell

Victoria has 30 years experience as a registered nurse. Many of her 30 years were spent in ICU (Intensive Care Unit), HDU (High Dependency Unit) and now in the John Hunter Hospital Recovery ward. She has been working with the Vein & Laser Centre for 10 years. She looks forward to meeting you and hearing about your travels and latest great book. 

Vascular Ultrasonographers

Many of the treatments performed at the Vein & Laser Centre require the use of Vascular Ultrasound. The Cardiovascular Centre (CVC), which is part of the Hunter Imaging Group (HIG), provides this service at the VLC.

Wendy Brown

Wendy has been a vascular sonographer for over 20 years. Her qualifications include a Bachelor of Applied Science (Biomedical Science) and Diploma of Medical Ultrasound (Vascular). Most of her career has been spent working at the CVC in Newcastle, but she also spent 2 years working in England in the early 2000’s. She enjoys working closely with Jacqui as part of the VLC team and has developed a special interest in the treatment of venous disease. As a senior sonographer she also spends quite a bit of time training junior sonographers and occasionally presenting educational talks to GP’s. 

Kim White

Kim is a vascular sonographer with 20 years experience in the field and prior to this had a background in general nursing.

She has been closely associated with Dr Chirgwin and the ultrasound guided treatment of veins since the inception of The Vein & Laser Centre. Kim has conducted workshops at local and national levels for sonographers and medical practitioners.

Nathan Gallagher

Nathan started working for Hunter Imaging Group (HIG) as a radiographer in 2011 after completing his Bachelor of Medical Radiation Science at The University of Newcastle. He quickly transitioned to HIG’s vascular ultrasound department, The Cardio Vascular Centre and has been dedicated to vascular ultrasound ever since. He has a keen interest in research and presenting at workshops on vascualr diseases and Duplex Ultrasound principles and techniques.