There are a number of possible side effects seen with vein treatments that are considered a normal consequence of successful treatment.

Stinging sensation – some stiging may be experienced at the time of treatment, which settles within minutes. Many patients find the treatments almost painless.

Bruising will disappear over a couple of weeks.

Darkening of spider veins soon after treatment is common and is a sign of successful therapy. Some of the veins may appear almost “black”. Overall, it should be kept in mind that treated legs initially appear “worse before they look better”.  

Red, raised areas occur at the injection sites of small spider veins. They look like insect bites and disappear within hours. They are sometimes mildly itchy. 

Blood trapping can lead to tender lumps along the course of the treated veins. It is harmless but may make the vessels more noticeable in the first few weeks. Trapped blood is usually drained at review appointments. This accelerates the healing process. Persistent lumps (even without draining) will usually disappear within six months. Blood trapping is common with treatment of all vein sizes.

Aching in the legs for the first few days can occur after treatment. This more commonly occurs when larger veins are treated and is usually relieved by walking. You may take Panadol or Nurofen to help relieve any aching. Most people do not need any pain relief after treatment. 

Phlebitis is the appearance (3:100 i.e. 3 in every 100 people)1 of tender, red, swollen areas and is due to inflammation of the treated veins. It may be associated with tender lumps along the line of the treated veins. These lumps are a normal reaction to the vein treatment and are due to trapped blood. Phlebitis can be treated with anti-inflammatory medication (such as Nurofen or Voltaren Rapid 25mg) and improves with walking and the continued wearing of the compression stocking. Please contact the Vein & Laser Centre doctors if you suffer excessive tenderness.

Bleeding or oozing may occur following Ambulatory Phlebectomy. This is usually of a minor nature and is best treated by placing a pad and compression bandage under the compression stocking and over the affected area. Elevation of the leg until any bleeding or oozed ceases is also advised. Please contact the Vein & Laser Centre doctors if you suffer from any bleeding which is difficult to control.