Dr Chirgwin at the Vein & Laser Centre will explain the treatment course required to produce a significant improvement to your legs. The degree of success from treatment depends on many factors including your age, severity of the disease, your healing rate, whether you have any other medical conditions and how well you keep to the post-treatment instructions.

It is not possible to guarantee complete clearance. Treatment should restore an even and uniform appearance to the legs and an improvement of 80-90% can be expected within 3-9 months, depending on the size of the original veins.

Initially the treated legs may look worse for the first month, due to bruising and trapped blood. However, this will disappear over a number of weeks. Veins treated effectively by sclerotherapy, EVLA and/or ambulatory phlebectomy should not return. 

However, even with the most skilled therapist, there is a small group of people whose veins do not respond adequately to treatment. 

Totally new veins can appear with time. The treatment is therefore directed at the current problem with future treatments likely for some people.